Pranav Plastic Products was started in the year 1984 and since then has gained a reputation for manufacturing high quality extruded and injection molded products from various plastics. We are experts in extrusion and molding and pride in developing some of the most complex products for your needs. We conceptualize and develop products for your application. Lot of experience, hundreds of satisfied clients and a large number of products developed in house stand by our assurance of quality.
Flexible PVC Tubes
and Pipes
Extension Tubes, Micro
Tubes for Drip Irrigation
Medical Grade and
Food Grade Tubes
Electrical Sleeves
(Non Heat Shrinkable)
Rigid Transparent
PVC tubes
Tubes for Conveyor
Rollers & Other Machinery
PE Tubes for
Sleeve for Wire Healds
(Textile Machinery)
Solid cord / Gasket of
various plastics
PP and HDPE Tubes for
Medical Industry
Custom Made Tubes
of Various Plastics
Custom Made Profiles and
Cords of Various Plastics
Custom Moulded
Prototype Develop. in or
Extruded Moulded Products
Capital goods and Machinery
Drip Irrigation
Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Packaging and Consumer Goods
Textile Machinery / Wire Heald Industry
Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment
Dairy Equipment
Furniture and Modular Furniture
Piping and Chemical Conveying
Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing
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